sbd NB465

Dynamic Digital Bidet Toilet Seat

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Water supply system type
Direct connection type
Used water pressure :0.7 to 7.0 Kgf / cm2

Dynamic shower  : X
Nozzle Shower  :X

Heated heater capacity : 600W
Dry heater capacity : 290W
Foot rest heater capacity : 50W
Water tank capacity : 900cc

Other Specifications
Single phase AC 220V / 60Hz / 967W

Safety device
Thermos position, thermal fuse, level sensor
Power cord length : 1.5M
Product Size :485X537X155
Product weight :5Kg

Safety features
Earth leakage breaker :O
Ultrasonic welding : O
User detection method
Weight detection
Sleep :O
Soft opening and closing :O

Control function
remote control : X
Warm wind :Step 4
Toilet seat :Step 3
hot water :Step 3
Nozzle position :Step 6
Hydraulic control :Step 4

Cleaning function
Number of nozzles : 2 nozzle
Air bubble :O
Washing Up to 0.85L / Min
Bidet Up to 0.85L / Min
Refreshing : O
Move : O
Child : O
Dry : O

Comfortable function
Deodorization : O
Water filter : O
Hydraulic pump :X
Silver (Ag) nano-nozzles :O
Automatic nozzle cleaning :O
Easy removal of main body :O
Antibacterial resin seat :O
Stainless steel nozzle :O

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